Guild of Artisans

Did you know that our guild, the Ethereal Thunder, has some of the most creative people you’ll ever meet? Well, it’s true.

Our guildmaster, or guild mistress as would be more appropriate, is a wizard in the arts of art.

We have one who has the ability to capture moments into bewitched portraits! Her name is Pryzm and you should definitely check her out. She also does artsy things!

Another one is our awesome Mavynn, who also dabbles in artogracy (I totally made up that word!).

These are just three who contribute so much to the community! But there’s more! The whole community of Istaria will eagerly share their crafts with you! Simply join the community Discord server, or maybe take a look at the forums.

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Have you guys seen the recent Warehouses? They’re pretty legit and they can fit a ton of stuff in them. I mean a lot.


My story, however, is a bit sad. I had just finished my first row of many silos, and about the same time is when they came out with those warehouses. Curse the gods and their evil schemes!

No no, forgive me, no curses here from me. I am, after all, a Gifted. The Pinnacle of morality and life. The beacon of hope to all of Istaria. The grandest of all adventurers…!

And… And yet… And yet I spend my time slaughtering deer. Because it’s fun.

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No Rest For The Gifted

After a long day of slaughtering horrendous Fyakkis, gluttonous Ruxuses, and deadly Muck Flys, there’s nothing like coming back to a cozy place called home.

Or perhaps you are not the heroic (some might call mad) adventurer that you brave out and destroy all evil. No, perhaps you are the man (or woman!) behind the buildings, the one who sharpens the blades, melds the armors, and stitches the cloth. Perhaps you build impassive walls, bridges and homes, fortresses and decorations made out of the skulls of your enemy. Perhaps you stitch the banners of the living races.

Whatever it is that you do, all the Gifted share one thing: Home is where your heart is, or so they say. But home is the place to rest and relax, get a lovely night’s sleep.

Only that once you finally close your eyes, after wandering in the Eastern Deadlands for eighteen days without sleep, without food, and without your guard being down, your nights are only the beginning of your nightmares. You almost forgot that a peaceful night’s of sleep is not a luxury the Gifted can enjoy. No, in your sleep, in your dreams, the battles continue to rage on.

Often you find yourself awakening in the middle of the night, your night gown drenched in cold sweat. You quickly realize Fafnir severing your arms and legs was just a dream. And yet, you could have sworn the pain felt real.

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Thieves & Shadows

The other day I met this Realm traveler who came from a far-away land. Well, long story short, he was complaining about a group of certain people known simply as “thieves”. Now, these thieves were not necessarily organized, and most of them were actually terrible at what they were doing.

What, you might ask, are they exactly doing? Here’s what. They steal. Yes, they take what does not belong to them. It’s not like we haven’t seen that in our magnificent world. But to think, they steal from each other.

It would be like the Living Races stealing from other Living Races. Preposterous, right! Right…? Uhh…

Look at the above picture. No house in Istaria has a door, and you know why? It is because we do not steal from each other.

We do not have these so-called “thieves”.

This peculiar man also told me that these thieves liked to hide in the dark and in shadows. I had no idea what he was talking about. How does anyone hide? I’ve never been able to hide from anyone before. No matter how I approach a monster, it will always see me coming. I am chuckling at the notion of hiding. No one needs that.

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Living for the Thrill

Being a Gifted has its perks! Immortality being the most obvious one, but not to mention fame and recognition throughout the vast empire.

However, there are those who do not recognize the Gifted. No, I am not talking about the Withered Aegis – although I’m not quite sure if they know whom they are battling. No, I’m referring to the regional creatures, animals, golems, and other mysterious inhabitants of the land. These creatures seem to be thriving in their own little secluded areas, and those same areas happen to be where we, the Gifted, find our resources. I have mentioned before of how we take away from them.

Of course, when you wander into Marble Golem territory, you have to be extremely careful. But for me, as a Gifted, tempting fate has somewhat become a hobby. I enjoy pushing myself to the limit – living on the edge, so to speak – and see how close I can get to that massive Marble Golem before it decides to hurl a boulder on me.

I take great pleasure in the pain. Not because I am a psychopath – though, you must admit that Gifted quickly acquire some strange psychological traits over the decades – no, simply because I enjoy the thrill.

And maybe I am a bit sadistic, too, for I enjoy angering these grim-looking golems.

What a joy to be Gifted!

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The Economy of Istaria

Istaria’s economy is very unique. Let me give you an idea.

Gold is not worth what you might expect it to be worth. Gold pieces, however, are worth far more than gold itself. I suppose you can say it’s worth a lot because the empire says so.

But as for raw resources, they are very abundant in the land of Istaria. One never has to starve or go hungry. Literally, that is why you will never find a single beggar in Istaria. Food is extremely abundant. Despite the Withered Aegis having their forces and their nasty Blight advancing, resources continue to be plentiful.

Oh, and there’s one positive side-effect from the Blight. Blighted resources! How in the world is that good? I know you might wonder that. Well you see, blighted resources do not corrupt anything they come in contact with. While they themselves get corrupted, they do not spread the corruption. This has enabled many master crafters of the realm to construct some of the most powerful weaponry and armors.

Back to my main point. Resources flourish. But surely with so many Gifted ravaging the land there has got to be a time when that ends. Indeed not! You see, resources in Istaria regrow and regenerate at a rapid pace. Whole outcroppings of the expensive and not-so-rare mithril return in a matter of minutes! That is how fast they regrow.

I have a theory that this is also why processed metals – like swords and armors – never break entirely. They regrow themselves when made blunt and broken.

Now, there is a downside to all of this. It means that nearly every resource is available to everyone one. No, not all have the aptitude to gather and collect certain materials, but surely all can learn. All the Gifted, that is. The non-Gifted are constrained to their mortal lives, their spouses and children, not to mention their meager 9-5 jobs. Bunch of losers.

The fact that every resource is available to all Gifted means that the demands are very low. Most except the most rare items can be crafted by the Gifted themselves. Why ask for help? Well, at least there are a handful of Gifted who see community as a wonderful thing and are not swallowed by self-pride and their ego.

What a wide world!

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Ode to the Hatchling

Oh, my dear hatchling. I know you wish to fly. I know you wish to soar on the wind, ride upon the sky on wings of fury.

For all you care about is you. From the day you awoke on Skalkaar, you have one goal. To ascend and fly like a majestic beast. Damned be the non-gifted and everyone else who stands in your way.

The world is your center, the sky is your playground. You already flaunt your supposed superiority by spreading your tiny wings and floating – something a naka-duskael shall never achieve.

Brag today, young one. For tomorrow you will be old and withered, ancient and fat, slumbering like the rest of the ancients in New Trismus.

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