Aradoth, who?

I was but a babe when I first heard of Lesser Aradoth. Oh I remember the times. Back when Sand Beetles were still a thing! (They still are, but they got fancier with a new name).

But then, then there was Aradoth Frontier. And I thought to myself, well, surely this Aradoth person must be just that, a person! Why else name it Aradoth?

Guess what! I found him the other day. He was prowling about on the Guild Isles. I don’t know what his purpose was, I’ve no idea why he was hostile towards me, I don’t know why he’s even a Sslik, and I certainly have no clue as to how he’s holding a crossbow and a staff at the same time in the same hand. Ssliks must have some seriously nimble thumbs and good grip on their hands. Scaled monstrosities 1 – 0!

Speaking of scales, you’d think Aradoth was a dragon. But nope. No no,  he’s just a Sslik. It was quite disappointing.

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