Pratt McGrubben Exposed!!!

Note! This post is a continuation of another post. Read the previous one first!

You see his smug smile, you see how well he lives. Despite the destruction of New Trismus, despite the disgusting blight roots growing through the buildings, this man, known as none other than Pratt McGrubben, is the spy we’ve been looking for!

Why do you think our fair town is destroyed? Ancient Dragons of mighty power sit around here all day and all night, there is no way any foes could make it past them!

And yet… They did. The dragons have no memories of it. One day they woke up and New Trismus was changed forever. Do you know what my theory is? Pratt fed the dragons a sleeping toxin, cause them to sleep through the furious battle that occurred shortly after all the Gifted were asleep.

People keep asking, “Where were the Gifted?!” I’ll tell you where we were. Asleep. Sedated by the traitor. It all makes sense! Pratt stands to profit from this kind of destruction. He’s annoyed at all the Gifted, especially the older ones who have been here forever, who are always up his business. He hates that they meddle with him whenever he is trying to indoctrinate young and inexperienced Gifted.

For crying out loud, who knows what kind of twisted experiments he has been running on the newly Gifted! I think he’s trying to find the secret to become a Gifted himself, so that he can have everlasting life.

That bastard.

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