A Spy in New Trismus?

Before you assault me with your ever-increasing loyalty and zeal to the Empire, you crazy fanatic, hear me out.

Let’s talk about New Trismus for a bit. A beautiful village where ancient dragons and bipeds alike gather around the campfire- err, the Shrine, to converse and eat strange candy. It’s a wonderful life.

At least, that is how it once used to be. Now the village is nothing more than a ruin, a terrorized piece of land on a small island where the Gifted are trying hard to protect the remaining villagers against the horde of the Aegis.

Those of us who have been Gifted long enough may remember how peaceful and lovely New Trismus once was. Sure the Aegis were still there, but now they’re literally at New Trismus’s doorstep. So much that a wall has been erected to keep them out.

Except there’s one flaw. The wall is a very, very bad attempt at keeping them out. If the undead wanted to, they could simply walk around. So what’s keeping them from entering the city? I have a theory: Someone on the inside has made a deal with them. Stay tuned as we unfold this mystery in the next post!

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