Guild of Artisans

Did you know that our guild, the Ethereal Thunder, has some of the most creative people you’ll ever meet? Well, it’s true.

Our guildmaster, or guild mistress as would be more appropriate, is a wizard in the arts of art.

We have one who has the ability to capture moments into bewitched portraits! Her name is Pryzm and you should definitely check her out. She also does artsy things!

Another one is our awesome Mavynn, who also dabbles in artogracy (I totally made up that word!).

These are just three who contribute so much to the community! But there’s more! The whole community of Istaria will eagerly share their crafts with you! Simply join the community Discord server, or maybe take a look at the forums.

This blog is dedicated to the world of Istaria, a unique MMO experience! See more at

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