Living for the Thrill

Being a Gifted has its perks! Immortality being the most obvious one, but not to mention fame and recognition throughout the vast empire.

However, there are those who do not recognize the Gifted. No, I am not talking about the Withered Aegis – although I’m not quite sure if they know whom they are battling. No, I’m referring to the regional creatures, animals, golems, and other mysterious inhabitants of the land. These creatures seem to be thriving in their own little secluded areas, and those same areas happen to be where we, the Gifted, find our resources. I have mentioned before of how we take away from them.

Of course, when you wander into Marble Golem territory, you have to be extremely careful. But for me, as a Gifted, tempting fate has somewhat become a hobby. I enjoy pushing myself to the limit – living on the edge, so to speak – and see how close I can get to that massive Marble Golem before it decides to hurl a boulder on me.

I take great pleasure in the pain. Not because I am a psychopath – though, you must admit that Gifted quickly acquire some strange psychological traits over the decades – no, simply because I enjoy the thrill.

And maybe I am a bit sadistic, too, for I enjoy angering these grim-looking golems.

What a joy to be Gifted!

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