What if the Gifted are the Evil Ones?

This is something I have often speculated. Before you bash me and label me an insane escapee from the loony institute, hear me out.

We reap the ground endlessly, destroying minerals, resources, and taking of it recklessly with abandon.

We come upon golems who want only to live in peace in their own element, only to take away their children and use the intestines of their young ones for our own wicked advances.

We strike the axe into the wood of a treant, recklessly taking it down, along with its entire family. The pickaxe never ceases to chip away pieces off of golems. The sucking-device absorbs the very life of these essence orbs as they can only helplessly cry out for mercy.

I am coming to the conclusion that surely we, the Gifted, are the true Blight of Istaria. Maybe Istara is punishing us by letting the Withered Aegis exist and take our homes from us. Perhaps the Gifted are only here to keep the Aegis at bay, so that we may learn from our ways. But instead, we have become much like the undead who seek to conquer our lands.

We have become the monsters we seek to defeat. May we be shown mercy when the day of reckoning comes.

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