A Burning Fire Within

There’s something beautiful about being a group of people, a group of many individuals, yet sharing and pursuing one goal, one purpose, above all else.

In my guild, the Ethereal Thunder, that purpose is to remain united as a family. To be a strong fortress where we each can take refuge in each other, and a get taste of what it feels like to be a group, to be a together, in unity. A community of people who, despite their many differences, bring those diversities together and make an amazing combination of personalities, talents, and most importantly, our ability to help each other.

That makes up an absolute. In a world of relatives and shallow relationships, it is quite an achievement to erect such a foundation for a guild.

I do not say this in pride nor in gloating. I wish all guilds would experience such a strong bond such as ours. In fact, perhaps because we do not readily bash nor attack other guilds, we look all the more attractive.

It is easy to find what you are against. When you find something you are for, that is when you become attractive.

What a deep message this week!

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