The Last Traces of Winter

Finally! The snow is gone!

With it, the double-experience event. Sure, that is sad. But my goodness how I was getting tired of seeing snow constantly everywhere. No sunlight, no clear sky. Just snow and blizzard. Now I understand why people in the North are depressed in the winter. It is surely depressing!

Alas, my work must continue! I am currently working my buildings on the plot. 2 houses have been completed, one silo, a consigner building, and a tent! Signs of civilization are beginning to show on our glorious Guild plots.

The snow continues to fall, though I doubt it will last for long. I am so ready for the snow to be gone entirely.

Istaria has not succumbed to winter. In an alternate dimension – the one known as Blight – parallel versions of the Gifted have defeated whatever threatened the world of Istaria. Funny how the changes carried over to our realm.

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